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26gauge through 1” thick plate -
steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic
10’ -10gauge mild steel
Plasma Cutting HD
24gauge through 1”thick
138 ton press brake 13’ bed .25” capacity
SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, resistance spot welding - steel, stainless steel, aluminum
unfinished, primed, painted, powder coated
Industrial and field installation


Squiers Metal Fabrication, Inc. provides expert metal fabrication services for commercial,industrial, oil and gas clients.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Squiers Metal Fabrication builds drain pans, guards, custom parts, brackets, tables, racks, fixtures, chutes, hoppers, dumpsters and more to your exact specifications.

Exhaust Systems

Squiers Metal Fabrication designs and builds custom exhaust systems including exhaust stacks, hoods, ductwork, blowers, fans and install dust collectors. We have experience in powders, dust, paint, chemical fumes, wood, paper, salt, and other materials.

Structural Steel Fabrication

Squiers Metal Fabrication can provide structural steel products built to your specifications, including walkways, small tanks, structural drop tanks, platforms, stands and more.

Material Handling Systems

Squiers Metal Fabrication works with conveyor systems and other automated systems including, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems as well as manual processes.

Plasma Cutting

Squiers Metal Fabrication provides quality cutting with CNC High definition Plasma cutting from 24gauge up to 1” thick material. We can cut steel, stainless steel, and sluminum parts. We can cut from your file or help design and create a file that meets your needs.


Squiers Metal Fabrication offers onsite installation with trained and experienced labor. Squiers Metal Fabrication can fill a wide variety of installation needs including any of the fabricated products we build to many maintenance needs in the industrial industry. Past projects have included Material racks, assembly lines, converyor systems, Industrial duct work, Industrial Ovens, Safety fencing, Exhaust fans, Dust collectors, Exhaust duct, washers and other custom installations.